Spa rules

Rules and Regulations of Doggie Dome Swim Spa:

1. Please do not open the door to the pool until I greet you there. There may be another dog in the pool and he deserves his uninterrupted swim time. Wait in your car until the dog in the pool is in his car before you take your dog out.  Give him time to go potty before his swim.

2. All dogs must remain on a leash at all times except when the swim specialist removes it. He must be leashed again as soon as he comes out of the pool

3. There will be no interacting with other dogs on the property. Please be respectful of other clients and their dogs. Some dogs have just gone through surgery and need to remain calm and under control

4. Please clean up after your dog. I will supply bags and a reciprocal to put it in at the entrance

5. Please be prompt. Being late only makes your time shorter. I can not make up time. The full fee will be required

6. No dog will be allowed to swim without all forms being filled out in full.  It is better to have these forms filled out before you come and save the time for the dog to get use to the pool.

7. Please no Frontline.  We would appreciate it, for the sake of the people who have to be in the water, as well as the health of our canine friends, some of whom are very chemically sensitive, if you would avoid using commercial flea products like Advantage or Frontline on your dogs. Advantage or Frontline is not water proof, and inevitably some of it will end up in the pool. Please do not use these products while your dog is swimming at the Doggie Dome.  There are many natural products to use. If you feel you must use topicals it must be applied 2 weeks prior to your swim and a couple of bathes inbetween.  No exceptions.

8. If your dog has a problem with incontinence of bowel or bladder, please stimulate him or her to urinate or defecate before entering the pool. This will help to keep our water clean and healthy. Each time there is an obvious accident in the pool it is necessary for the Spa to empty the water and start all over again. This is expensive, and takes a toll on the pool and water and takes quite a long time to come back to temperature. The more you can do to prevent this, the better off we will be. If you have never stimulated your dog to potty, feel free to ask your veterinarian. It is not terribly difficult to learn. If your dog has an accident in the pool there will be a $300.00 charge as I will need to shut down and drain the pool.

9. Please make sure all dogs go potty before entering the pool area. Please use the doggie bags and place in metal trash can, to take care of waste.

10. Please be certain to bathe and brush your dog before coming for your appointment.

11. Please make sure your dogs nails have been cut a few days before your appointment as they can feel like razors on legs

12. Please bring your own towels.  I do have a dryer if you would like to blow dry your dog.

13. If you would like a life jacket for your canine friend I will give you a few web sites that carry the life jackets at a reasonble price.

14. Please exit the building as soon as your session has ended as the dog may need to go potty.

15. All dogs must be checked for fleas.

16. For insurance purposes children are not allowed in the facility.

17.  Owners may be asked to assit their dog on the first few stairs of the pool but will not be allowed in the pool with their pet for insurance purposes.  I will be the only one in the pool with your canine friend.

18.  If your dog has kennel cough please do not bring him for his swim.  If your dog has any open wounds please let then heal before he comes for his swim. If your dog has diahrea or is vomitting please do not bring him for his swim.

19.  I will not swim dogs in thunder storms, so watch the weather.

20.  You may walk your dogs on my property but please refrain from walking up the road as I am repectful of my neighbors.

21.  There are no public restrooms here.