Here’s what our clients have to say about us…

Dear Melody,

Thank you sooooo much for helping my leg heal after my surgery.  I feel much, much better now!  Thanks to you , I can romp around with all my friends at daycare and run around like crazy with my favotie toy again!  Mom and Dad say I am lucky to have met you….and I agree!!  Not only becuase you give me way more treats in one sitting than they do, but because you are a very special person….a very rare find these days!  (Trust me…I know these things…I’m a very smart boy!)

I have had lots of fun swimming with you each week, and this is not the last you will see of me.  Mom and Dad said I can come back and see you again in the winter…and this time it’ll be just for fun!  So for now I’m not going to say “Good-bye”….instead I’m gonna say “See you later!”

Thanks again for everything!

— Love and Licks,  Tucker Delaney

P.S. Thanks also for letting me pretend that I own your pool each week!!



Where do I begin to thank you for all your care and concern for Missy and Mica?  It’s been amazing to see their progress in such a short time!  We’re so grateful for your hard work and all the support you’ve given us.  We can’t thank you enough.

— Joe + Grace LaPlante  (Missy and Mica too!!!)



I brought Harbor to you to help her get stronger in her hind end.  She had x-rays that showed some arthritis and changes in her hips.  She was sore and stiff and wasn’t crazy about going out and about.  So when I heard of you and your Doggie Dome Swim Spa I had to give it a try.  I am so thankful for what you do.  Harbor was not sure that swimming was going to be very helpful..as a Salmation not known for swimming skills, she would much rather watch from the shore.  The swimming has made a HUGE difference in her flexibility and comfort level.  She is after all 11 years old..not acting 11 years young!!!  She is happy to go on trail rides with me and her whole attitude is substantially better.  I am not trying to turn back time just delay it a bit.  Thanks to you I feel that is happening.  Your love and care has taken a reluctant patient to a willing friend that loves to give you lots of doggie kisses.  You are the Best!!!  Harbor and I thank-you!!!

— Belinda and Harbor